Friday, November 19, 2010

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Day II:

If this post weren’t called “Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Day II”, I’d have named it “The Lobby”. Yesterday evening we had called the agency to book a tour to The Genting Highlands (the Las Vegas of Malaysia, dubbed the “City of Entertainment”). We were told to wait for the bus to pick us up from the lobby between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM. By 9:45 AM no one had shown up yet and I was starting to get ticked off, Lebanese style. I told mum to call the agency and ask what the delay was about. They told her that the driver was running a little late due to the heavy traffic, Lebanese style. When the driver finally got here at 10:00 AM (a full hour later!), mum told him that he was very late. He blamed it on a miscommunication with the agency, Lebanese style. But back to why I’d have called this post “The Lobby”…

While waiting, I’d guess it was a British man in his I’d guess mid thirties came to check in. He was dressed up in a neat suit (it was because of that, and the accent, I guessed British) and he went to the receptionist to ask for his room. He asked if it had a nice view, he asked if they had a spa. He said his “friend” was coming to visit him at the hotel. He asked for a nice restaurant to take her to dinner. He asked if the restaurant was “smart”. He didn’t want kids running around. He was assured it was “smart”. He booked. He asked for some trendy clubs. He booked. He booked for tonight, for tomorrow night, and for the night after tomorrow, each at a different club. He asked for a place that sold Chinese beads. He then went to his room… Hmm, there wasn’t anything unusual about the moment. It was just a moment, and since he unknowingly entertained me for the better part of my wait in the lobby, I thought he deserved to be in this post. Moving on…

The Genting Highlands were “cool” as I was previously told they were. Fun Fact: “In 2006, Guinness World Records listed the First World Hotel (one of the six hotels at the resorts) as the world’s largest hotel with a total of 6,118 rooms”. The resort also has three theme parks (The Genting Outdoor Theme Park, First World Indoor Theme Park, and Water Park), Genting Skyway Cable Car (which was unfortunately closed for maintenance), five performance venues, and lots of shopping!

Among the signature attractions, I first went to “Snow World”, a big frozen room of snow and slides! I was a little disgusted at having to wear the wet snow coats, boots, and gloves that God knows how many people have used before me, and if I were a kid I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the little winter wonderland they had going on inside so I didn’t stay much:

But one of the attractions that I loved most was Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum. There were a bunch of cool things inside!

A little before we had to leave, we stopped to have lunch at this Chinese place whose name I can’t remember. Mum ordered chicken with steamed rice and I ordered curry, which wasn’t too bad apart from the fact that I didn’t know it was spicy but because I was starving at that point, I gobbled it up and ended up feeling fire coming out of my mouth! :-P

All in all it was a pretty “cool” day. But tomorrow and after tomorrow (our last two days here), the end of year sales start here in Kuala Lumpur and you know what that means? That means shopping till we be dropping! LOL :-)


  1. I don't know how i ended up on your Nourspot... i guess it was through ( i love tripoli ) on facebook.
    you got a very cute way of writing, and of course "analyzing"
    P.S.: so did you go to the Chinese for lunch hoping to see the british guy? have a nice rest of your trip.

  2. hehe, thanks Mazen! And unfortunately no, I didn’t go lunch hopping because that would include at least 100 restaurants within a 10 minute radius LOL :-P

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