Friday, October 1, 2010

Wall Street Fail

I've been meaning to watch the new movie “Wall Street” ever since I heard about it back in the beginning of summer. And so far, Ive had no one interested in watching the movie with me until Dad was casually talking about it this morning. “Let’s go watch it this afternoon!” I exclaimed, and so, at 5:10 PM we took a less than 5 minute stroll to City Complex’s Circuit Planet to watch “Wall Street”. We got tickets, got popcorn, and got into our seats. Now the previews were supposed to start at 5:15 PM but by 5:40 PM, we were still sitting as we were 25 minutes ago. Then, strange static noises began coming from the projector room and five minutes later, we were told that the movie projector had broken down, but if we wanted, we could watch any other movie that had already started playing fifteen minutes ago!

Yeah, apart from the fifteen minute delay in watching “any other movie”, I’m sure that watching “Wall Street” would have been just the same as watching “The Other Guys”, “The American”, or “Piranha 3D”. No Thanks, so we went to get our refunds. I remember when “Alice in Wonderland 3D” came out last April, I called to ask at what times the sessions were. I was told that the movie was temporarily not playing for the next couple of days due to a technical failure. “But this has never happened before,” said the ticket man. “Not true”, I mumbled in my head, remembering Alice. But I kept quiet and sulked home… FAIL! :-|

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