Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Phoenician Ship Expedition in El Mina

While doing a bit of research on Tripoli for my “Tripoli Through My Lens” Toastmasters Speech #9 for Saturday, I read (and I quote) that “Tripoli was founded by the Phoenicians in 1500 BC”. A couple of days after that, I got a text message from The Safadi Cultural Center that A Phoenician Ship was coming to El Mina!

From El Mina’s Tourism Information Website: “El Mina Municipality welcomes the Phoenician Ship Expedition which is attempting to recreate the first circumnavigation of Africa, accomplished by Phoenician mariners in 600BC, in a replica Phoenician/Mediterranean vessel.”

Indeed, this morning, The Phoenician Ship reached El Mina at 9:00 AM and docked across El Mina Municipality on the Cornish. I didn’t have a chance to attend the welcoming celebrations, but at the end of the day at around 7:00 PM before I drove back home I decided to check it out. It was dark by then, and the ship was barely lit and barely visible in the night so the few pictures that I took with my iPhone were all blurry…

So, here’s @Tripoli ‘s twitpic (because I saw the tweet before I saw the ship!):

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