Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"3erss Al Madina" Street Festival 2010

As I was driving back from work yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the street I usually take to get home was closed. Surprised, I took the next shortest path I could think of and I got stuck in the heaviest traffic I’ve ever seen in little Tripoli!

It normally takes me exactly 7 minutes (by car) to get from home to work and vice versa. Yesterday, it took me 45 minutes!!! But when I finally did arrive home, drenched in sweat from all the chaos outside, I figured out that it was all because of Tripoli’s First Street Festival (which was the finale to all the Ramadan Nights Festivals we’ve been enjoying over the last month)!

The Street Festival, dubbed “3erss Al Madina” (The City’s Wedding) was supposed to start at 6:30PM and last until midnight. It was supposed to include aerial choreographies, laser shows, Brazilian music concerts (Samba), mimicry shows, clowns, balloon sculptures, juggling, and more, in addition to a daily live performance by Ilham Al Madfa’i. And to a certain extent, it did, which made me love Tripoli even more! I only stayed from 7:00PM till 9:30PM, and these are my shots of the night:


  1. There was a market for fresh local homemade food and different kinds of hand crafts, organised by Souk El Tayeb (picture #3).

  2. I'm actually very happy to see Tripoli slowly become a cultural hub. Tripolians deserve much like the Beiruti's to have fun.

  3. Very nice! Agree with Lebanese Mariam!