Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shoot As You Walk "Ramadaniyat 2" Pictures:

After all the “Shoot As You Walk” journeys I’ve been on, both day and night included, I have to admit that last night’s “Shoot As You Walk 30/08/2010” Event (Night Edition II) was the best yet!

The souks, the streets, the city, it was all hustling and bustling with people! I’ve never seen so much energy at night; it really makes me wish every night in Tripoli were like this. I’m also especially happy because I think I finally got a hang of taking night pictures without using a tripod. It’s all got to do with the TV (Time Value) dial. (But correct me if I’m wrong, if there’s another way to take good pictures at night without the flash and without blur)…

Here are my best shots of the night (click to enlarge):

“I love this city tonight, I love this city always. Its bears its teeth like a light and spits me out after days” – Take Back The City | Snow Patrol

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  1. Wow Nour, the streets sure did look alive! Again, I have yet to make it to Tripoli..but I sure do want to go! I've been hearing so much about your Kaak, and this sweets shop that is famous for its Lebanese sweets (the name slipped my mind)! It's so nice that you can rediscover your city again and again.. ;)

  2. Yeah, Tripoli during Ramadan (especially at night) is one of the best times to see/be in it! I think the place you're talking about is Hallab! (mmm, it's delicious. go for the "kellaj" my favorite sweet :-)