Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shoot As You Walk "Ramadaniyat 2"

Here we go again! The We Love Tripoli Group have organized their second Ramadan "Shoot As You Walk 30/08/2010" Event (Night Edition II)!

"In order to reflect the unique ambiance of Tripoli in Ramadan, We Love Tripoli invites amateurs and professional photographers to the second shooting journey in Ramadan, at night...

Bring your traditional cameras, digital cams, mobile cams or video cams and join us; Monday 30 August @ 09:30 pm near Nawfal Palace – Tal"

Path: Tripoli Municipality - Koura Square - Nejme Square - Rahbet Street - Mosque Mansouri - Mosque Maala’a - Café Moussa - Mosque Taynal - Nour Square.

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