Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoot As You Walk "Plug Into E-Cycle Movement" Pictures:

I just finished uploading, editing, and finishing the pictures I took on our “Shoot As You Walk 06/08/2010” journey today. Here are my best shots of the day:

Check out the rest of my photos on Flickr


  1. Hey Nour! I just though I'd let you know that this post is featured on Mind Soup's Blogger's Round-up for the week of August 1. Check the post here:

    All the best :)

  2. Thanks!!! My friend Tarek was just telling me he saw a picture I took on your blog and I said wow, really? I love your posts! :-)

  3. These photos are..incredible..they tell stories..Where are these taken? In Tripoli? I have to make my way there..It's been eight months and I still haven't been..

  4. Thanks! Yup, they're all taken in Tripoli and Tripoli is a great city indeed (it all depends on the perspective in which you look at it). You're most welcome to come visit, I'd be glad to show you around! :-)