Friday, June 11, 2010

We Believe In You...

Today I came across a group on Facebook called “Weltmeister 2010 – Deutschland hold den 4. Stern!” which, in English, translates to “4th Star For Germany”. It’s obviously in German (which I don't speak/understand) so I used a German-English translator to figure out some bits and pieces. And that’s when I came across this official video for the group:

It’s calm. It reminded me of last world cup’s Germany Song “54, 74, 90, 2006” by Sportfreunde Stiller. I remember that song was a little full of itself but this one’s more down to earth, it’s called “Wir Glauben An Euch” (which means “We Believe In You”) by Sebastian Hamer

The German team hasn’t been having a very good 2010, especially with the team Captain Michael Ballack injured and ruled out of the cup, but this song has hope to it. And I have hope for Germany… (Good Luck this Sunday Vs. Australia :-)

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