Thursday, June 17, 2010

Il Florilegio Circus (In Tripoli)

There’s an Italian Circus in Town! And when I say Circus, I mean a Circus by all means!

There’s a ringleader, a clown, acrobats, tightrope walkers, fire breathers, motorcyclists, and animals I didn’t expect to see like a hippopotamus, an ostrich, and zebras! That’s not to mention tigers, horses, a monkey, ponies, snakes, and rats! Need I say more?

Il Florilegio Circus is here from June 2nd till June 20th (now extended till July 4th)

Mondays – Thursdays @ 6:00PM
Fridays @ 6:00PM or @8:30PM
Saturdays – Sundays @ 3:30PM or 6:00PM

Tickets starting @ 10,000 LBP

For more information, call: 71-296560


  1. Hi
    the least that I can say: Avery good show
    and the most thing that I liked and loved was (which u didn't mention them in u'r post) the girls
    the kitty girl, selina the one with the green alphet I think, the persian women
    wooooooooo , they are so sexy , and very HOT

    anyway, I usually don't reply espacially on blogs , but u diserve it , since ur trabolsi :P

    And i acually think that this is the first curcus i have seen in my life and the first in tripoli, and I think also in lebanon :S:S

  2. LOL Thank You, Anonymous! :-)