Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garage Sale

Ahwak Coffee Shop was holding a two day Garage Sale this weekend, selling Books, CDs, DVDs, and accessories starting from as little as 1,000 L.L. And for a good cause too, as part of the profit is going to go to Saint Jude’s Cancer Center in Lebanon. So I decided to check it out…

I wanted to support him so I decided to buy one of the books that most captured my interests, which was one of “The Vampire Chronicles” by Anne Rice. I found three of the chronicles and I got the second one, “The Vampire’s Lestat” (I’m not really into Vampires, apart from Twilight but I thought I’d give this a go). It was originally priced at 10,000 L.L. but he made a special offer for me, for $5, and he threw in a free book “The Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (22 Stories)”, and he let me chose a free CD or DVD from a stack, I picked “Sex And The City”… a super sweet deal! :-)

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