Sunday, April 11, 2010

Competition For (Best) Shawarma Man

This Thursday, I’m off to Amman, Jordan. It’s going to be my first personal vacation from work, so I’m excited as ever. I’m going to spend it with Dad and a couple of friends from university: Nadine, Sari, Akram, Mira, and Yazan. And what’s going to make it even more special is that Danny is going to be flying in from Kuwait as well, so the whole gang is going to be there!

From that gang, only 2 read this blog of mine on a regular basis: Danny and Nadine. So you two, I’ve been assigned a mission! Listen up,

Another blogger bud of mine, Carly, has recently been told that there’s some “Shawarma You Just Cant Beat” called Reem in Amman. But she begs to differ. The best tasting shawarma she’s ever had was right here in Tripoli (and she even pointed me in his direction). Now I haven’t had either, but I’m going to test them both, starting with Reem’s (who apparently sells more than 5,000 shawarmas a day!)

So add that to our list of things to do in Jordan, we’ve got a “Competition For (Best) Shawarma Man” to judge!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun :) For how long will u be in Jordan?

  2. Yeah Ymn, and you can help me test Carly's favorite shawarma place once I get back (I'm staying there for 5 days :-)

  3. Oooh I'm in! I've also heard a lot about Amman's shawarma, so it'll be interesting to try! :D