Friday, February 26, 2010

Upcoming Shoot As You Walk Event

As I was checking my Facebook this morning, I noticed that I had three new event invites. PFFT! I thought, they were probably just more clubbing/pubbing events in the capital, ones that I didn't even have the remotest of interest in attending. But as I was about to decline the third event invite, I became quite delighted in realizing that it came from a welcomed source!

The “We Love Tripoli” group is organizing its fifth “Shoot As You Walk” event this Sunday! This time, the path includes: Masaref, Riad El Solh, Moutran, Azmi, Mar Maroun, Nadim El Jisr, Kazdoura, and Central…

Though as I’m looking at the weather outside, I see it’s quite wet and gloomy. I sure hope the weather brightens up by after tomorrow. But even if it doesn’t, the group’s administrator wrote on the event wall, that some of the best pictures he’s ever taken of Tripoli were on rainy days… I’m excited for more pictures! :-)

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