Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome To NourSpot...

Though this is my first blog entry on this account, it’s probably close to my 1,000th post in the blogging world. Rewind:

A little over three years ago, in the summer of ’06, I decided that I wanted to start blogging. So, I picked a screen name: SunkenTreasure6. And from that time till a little less than three weeks ago, I poured my heart and soul into that blog. Then, a little less than three months ago, I realized that I’d turned my blog into too big a public diary about my life, love, and lyrics. I felt like I’d put so much out there that I decided it was time to tune it down, and privatize…

But my love for writing has never stopped, and my short time away from blogging made me realize how much I still needed it. It (writing) is, after all, a part of who I am. The difference this time is the fact that I’m older (and wiser?). Two important chapters of my life (school and university life) have officially been closed, and with them, I’ve closed SunkenTreasure6. It’s time for a same old brand new beginning. So here I am…

My name is Nour. I was born on October 11th in Montreal QC, that makes me a Libra (or Rabbit using the Chinese Horoscope) and 6 is my lucky number… I’ve lived in Canada for the first 10 years of my life before moving back here to Lebanon; I love both my cultures and try to get the best of both worlds…

My Family and Friends mean the world to me and I love them more than they could ever know. I also love making people laugh and putting smiles on their faces. Though I’m quite a shy person (and working on it), once you get to know me better I can be really fun and outgoing. I’m an optimist (the glass is half full) and live by the motto: “life’s a beach… surf it up!”

I have a special connection with the marine world. I find a certain peace in the water and dolphins and whales have always been a part of my dreams… The Orca is my Patronus… Ever since I was five, I’ve dreamed of becoming a killer whale trainer… though Marketing (my major) and Creative Writing (my minor) rock my world as well!

My Five Favorite Things (apart from the Internet!): Music, Picture-Taking, Drawing, Reading, and Writing. Music is a massive part of being; it’s what makes the world go round and without it, (quoting Nietzsche) life would be a mistake! Picture-Taking is a part of me too… so smile! The latter three take me away from here, to the lands of make believe, and give me that creative spark so many people tell me I’ve got…

I’ve often got my head up in the clouds but I’ve got my feet down on the ground as well… I’ve got high hopes and aspirations and one day, I will change the world… just you wait and see! ;-)


  1. Pretty many realizations out there.. :)

    I am glad you returned to the blogosphere soon enough and cared about your readers.. ;)

    Well, I would anyday prefer Blogger to Livejournal. In Livejournal you can't give it a personal touch. As in, I still remember fresh the dolphin template you had on SunkenTreasure6. That kind of personalisation won't be possible in Livejournal. I would love it if you stay on Blogger. :D

    ..and yeah, we definitely know Nour is goin to change the world one day!

    Yay! Nour is back to blogging. ;)

  2. What happens is of little significance compared to the stories we tell ourselves about what happens. Welcome back Sevetta, walla shta2na!

  3. one day, I will change the world…..........
    need more people like you :-)